Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Calculator – Bulk EZ Spot School Units


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This item is not meant for individual purchase. These are school use only. Sold in bulk, non-retail packaging.

Ideal for:
General Math
Algebra 1 & 2
General Science
Math Notation
Enter and view calculations in common Math Notation via the MATHPRINT mode, including symbolic pi, stacked fractions, exponents and exact square roots.
Up to 4 lines of Display
Ability to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen.
Toggle Key
Quickly view fractions and decimals in alternate forms. “Toggle” the answer with one button to see outcomes in different representations, including changing answers between the exact form of fractions, pi terms and square root expressions, where possible, into decimal approximation format.
Scroll through previous entries and investigate critical patterns as well as viewing and pasting previous entries or answers into a new calculation.
Additional Features
Previous Entry
Lets you review previous entries and look for patterns.
Easy to read and navigate pull-down menus similar to those on a graphing calculator. All mode settings are located in one central place, the mode screen.
Fraction features
View and perform fraction computations and explorations in familiar textbook format.

Scientific Notation Output
View scientific notation with the proper superscripted exponents and see the output in scientific notation.

Table feature
Students can easily explore an (x,y) table of values for a given function, automatically or by entering specific x values.


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